Tuesday, November 24, 2009

natural BEE *

haven't blogged in awhile; school has been really busy and on top of that band takes up most of my time. so let's get an update on my life.

i've recently came to the decision that i'm going natural which means NO MORE RELAXERS!!! i haven't had a good relaxer since the summer time and i tried to give myself one in august but only my edges were straight.

from the looks of things, my natural hair is curly and that's the look i'm trying to achieve. my inspirations in my transition is my friend tylisicia (check out her blog), my english classmate toni mitchell, and jill scott. i completely love the look of ty's and jill scott hair and i hope that i can get to that point. toni's transition story in class made me really consider going natural. she went from having hair down to her back to her natural look today! she's so pretty with it too.

my mom totally hates the idea of me going natural, but i tried to explain to her that i'm now 20 years old and i can make my own decision. i can't believe she even offered to put money in my account just to get a perm!!

i've made up my mind that this is the decision for me. i'm scared about cutting my hair though... it's going to be a hard adjustment, but it will be a great one.

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