Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear b.j. *

this has been long over due...

dear b.j. ,

in the the beginning, i really did not think much of you. i just thought of you as a cool ass guy friend. i never really pictured myself being in a relationship with you because my intentions were on charles. we became friends and we grew extremely close. i told you more than i told my home girls. i knew you would always be there for me.

the summer hit and charles was no longer in the picture. i grew to like you even more every day we talked. you made me laugh and you taught me things i never knew before. i slowly began to love you and i wanted you to be min. and then it happen...

you gave me everything i needed; you were the best boyfriend i ever had. you loved me past my flaws and you would do anything for me. when i came to visit you in shreveport, i had the most wonderful time. i knew in my heart that you were the guy for me...

until i got back to houston and i saw charles again. all those feelings i had came sweeping back and i couldn't stop them. i did not want to hurt you, but i just couldn't stop myself...

time has past and we are no longer together. i'm truly sorry for hurting you the way i did. i did and still do truly love you. even with us broken up, i can still see myself getting back with you. i just know that deep down inside, i am not ready for a committed long distanced relationship. i just don't wanna be that girl that scorn you for life when it comes to love and relationships. i don't mean to rub in me and charles in your face and i'm sorry if it appears that way.

i do still think of you as my future bee and i know eventually we will be deeply committed and in love with each other.


your BEE <3

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