Saturday, January 16, 2010

my dear charles letter *

dear charles,

from the start, people warned me about you. they told me that you weren't good for me and that i should not mess with you. even after all this, i still pursued you. i went after you because something about you intrigued me. when i finally got your attention, our time together was great. we grew close, in my eyes, and i could really see myself with you for a while. i told you that i wanted you to be my only guy and i did mean it... until i didn't hear from you over the summer.

yeah i moved on, but secretly i still wanted to be with you. it was something about you that i just couldn't let go. when i first saw you once i came back to school, all those emotions just rushed back and i couldn't stop them. that first time we hooked back up, i could tell that you were still feeling me... so i thought.

i still like you, i really do. like i said before, it's something about you that i just can't resist. it just seems like it's one sided though. not saying that you don't think i'm cool or that you don't like me, but maybe you were only there for the sex. whatever it is, i can see it now. even after all this, i still wanna be that girl you kick it with. crazy as it sounds, i really do.

i really wish that you can just be real with me and tell me how you really feel. i mean, be straight up with me. do you want to continue this or do you want me just to leave you alone. people have been telling me to stop pursuing you and maybe i should do that. maybe i should just take the backseat and see if you would come after me.

i know i've been bugging you lately, but i just gotta know dude. just tell me, okay?

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