Friday, January 15, 2010

you got me feenin' *

what the fuck is wrong with men these days?! i mean, i would say that i am a decent looking female with alot to offer a guy, but i swear dudes be acting so damn stupid! ugh, i can't deal with them anymore. i'ma just do me and hopefully a guy can come around that knows how to kick it right.

so, i've been trying to chill with charles since i got back, but he on that other shit. he'll say he wanna come over but he never makes an effort to come. you would think after all that stuff he told me, he would LOVE to come to my room, but NOOOOOOOOO he wanna play games. man, i think i'ma leave him alone, but i just can't stop thinking about he DO me so good. omg, charles be having a girl feenin' for more i tell you.

i don't know what the fuck i'ma do with my situation. maybe i'ma become asexual, not like men or women. LMAO! puhlease, i love dudes too much to do that. [sigh] i just need something to get me over times like these.

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